The Brick Bar in Salem OR

The Brick Bar in Salem OR

After 10pm on a Wednesday night in Salem, you don't have a lot of choices for food or beverages. The Brick Bar lured us in with its neon "Open" sign. While not exactly a dive bar, it was close enough that I expected they'd have a decent bloody Mary. The waitress assured me that SHE liked it, and she wouldn't say it if it weren't true, right? ;-)

The company I kept was the best part of all - with an old friend and some newish ones. We munched in fried appetizers and chatted about all things...that eventually all lead back to photography. It was a great evening. The Bloody Mart was actually quite good too!

While not loaded with unique garnish, it did sport a couple olives and a pepper. The rim was lightly salted and the flavor was mildly spicy without much horseradish (which I prefer). It had a nice balance to it and while it could have used a splash more vodka and personality, it was completely satisfying.

SB#Q 5
Flavor 7
Spicy 5
Unique 4
Presentation 4

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