Half King in NYC

I always ask the waiter/ress if they have a good bloody Mary here before ordering. Sometimes they are honest and say, "it's OK", or even flat out "No." Sometimes they say, "Sure." but I can see in their eyes that they aren't bound to full disclosure. This time she was convincing in her resounding "Yes", so I ordered. I cant say I was disappointed, but I wasn't impressed either. It had a typical load of horseradish, more than I prefer, but surely palatable to others. The lack of olives or any significant salad bar contribution disqualified it from true Bloody Blog Greatness. Enjoying it with a great group of friends brought the ILQ up more than it deserved, probably.

SBQQ 3 SB#Q 2 Flavor 4 Spicy 3 Unique 3 Presentation 3 ILQ 4

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