The Blacksmith restaurant in Bend, OR

This rustic chic establishment has won numerous awards and write-ups and is a local favorite. They specialize in steaks, but also have a tasteful and balanced selection of seafood and other delectable dishes. The crab corn dogs were a big hit with the entire table and everything else was equally as unique and delicious.

The bloody mary was definitely unique with it's bacon infused vodka and bacon bits on the rim! I'm not a big bacon eater, but this was too interesting to pass up a try. Fortunately, it was most excellent! The flavor was rich and slightly smoky, just the right spicy, a tad sweet, yet not overly bacon flavored. The pickles & olives were unique and varied in flavors. Yum. Nearly perfect.

The service was awesome and to top it off we forgot our box of leftovers there and the waitress called to tell us and that they would deliver the food to our home that night. That's service! Looking forward to going back :-)

SB#Q 8
Flavor 9
Spicy 7
Unique 9
Presentation 8

211 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97701, USA

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