Cook-in-the-Kitchen Mix

I was recently sent a little surprise in the mail. It was a bag of Cook-in-the-Kitchen bloody Mary mix. This company from vermont sells specialty food mixes and their website makes me hungry just looking at it. The mix is all natural, (which, by the way, brings up a big peave of mine: crap like high fructose corn syrup and MSG in Bloody Mary mixes.) I mixed a TBS with Tomato juice per the directions (I actually used Trader Joes natural vege juice), and waited patiently for the requisite 15 minutes. Nothing happened.

I decide to follow the rest of the directions and actually add vodka too :-). I poured in the Absolut, added the best olives ever (Novia del Sol Spanish manzanilla), a pickled asparagus spear, and gobbled it down with some spicy Italian pepperoni and whole grain crackers. Yum.

If you like horseradish in your BM, you'll probably really enjoy this mix! It had a nice flavor, not to overwhelming. The fresh ingredients were well balanced and complemented the veg juice well. I would have like a little more peppery kick, but the nice thing about a home brew is you can doctor it to taste. I may try it with a little Tabasco next time.

SBQQ 9 (my olives rocked it)
SB#Q 6
Flavor 7
Spicy 4
Unique 6
Presentation 6


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