The best Bloody Mary olives. Period.

So this guy walks into a bar...on my birthday a couple years ago. Craig Strong and I were having some male bonding time and he ordered Scotch flights and I ordered a bloody Mary, of course. The bloody was good, but the olives were phenomenal! I bought a few jars from the waitress. I later found them at a local gourmet food store and felt the world had reached the pinnacle of perfection. Then, one day the shelves were empty and rumor had it that an evil bureaucrat had held the olives up on US docks due to labeling regulations. Obviously, in Spain where the Olives are born, the label readers are less strict.

Me and my olive loving friends were notified today via Twitter that our beloved La Novia olives were back on the shelves, and I promptly bee lined for Newport Market to grab some.

While I'm not normally an olive lover, these olives are so unique and tasty, ESPECIALLY in a bloody Mary, that I can't help but crave them.