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Wonder what that weird little alien-looking guy is all about? We know getting your business organized can be tough, so we try to inject a bit of fun into the process!

And because Kevin loves to teach and hails from Hawaii, naming his studio management software kumu, the Hawaiian word for teacher, just came naturally.
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Using high-speed sync to seamlessly blend flash and day light

Click the image to read the article on Nikon's website

Click the image to read the article on Nikon's website

I just completed an article for Nikon about using HSS, or high-speed sync, with speedlights to give you the edge when existing light is just not quite cutting it. HSS is amazing technology, but you have to understand it's limitations and how to best use it. 

Follow this link to the article.

One of the lessons I learned in writing this article was to keep detailed model releases easily accessible for all your images! Fortunately, I use an ipad app to record my model releases, so most all my records were easily accessible. I did have one model in Puerto Rico that I had to track down to re-sign a release, but she was happy to do so. 

Nikon is very particular about being legit with everything they post in their media (understandably so). They even needed me to get officially notarized releases from any images that included children in them! This is not the norm, but I can see how they want to cover their derrières. Fortunately, I was still able to get a hold of my past clients and convince them to make a trip to a notary public to sign the releases. 

A senior photo session - concept to delivery

A senior photo session - concept to delivery

Senior (graduates) photography is just dang fun. The youngsters are full of energy and eager to express who they are, and who they are becoming. Well, most of the time. I have had one or two in the past that made me feel on par with a trip to the dentist, but normally this is not the case. This was definitely not one of those times. 

I thought it might be helpful to those photographers looking to start, or do more, senior sessions if I outlined the entire process – from concept to completion. I’ll cover the essential pieces that have been helpful for me to create successful sessions and also to ensure that I actually enjoy doing them! Yah, that’s important too, right?!

In this post, I'll cover the thought process, planning, gear I use, lighting tips, workflow outline, software and presets, how to make the fun animated GIF in Photoshop, and how I make use of plugins for cool services to automate getting images online and shareable as fast as possible.

This session was extra special because...

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