Not your typical food post. Secret message embedded.

So, I admit, I've done my fair share of pointless food posts. Sometimes you just get so excited about what you're eating that you have to share it. But, just like trying to capture the feeling of sharing a romantic sunset with your loved one via camera CCD, something always seems to get lost in translation. We don't "feel" the same way from the photo that we did when we experienced the scene or situation. Why is that? 

I think it's because the way we experience a scene, or even a plate of food, is enhanced by a combination of sensory cues: sight, smell, sounds, feel, and of course, taste. Trying to rekindle all that sensation via a single dimensional photograph is mediocre at best. But even more fleeting to capture is the intangible element of love that is infused in that moment. For a beautiful scene, it may be the feeling of sharing that view with a special person, or maybe the memory of someone it evokes. It may be the simple "rose colored glasses" we view almost everything through when we are in a place of being in love in our lives. 

I also believe that food carries with it the love of the creator, cook, or even the person that served it to you. It carries the energy of the kitchen, the restaurant, or the chef that conceived it. It carries the quality of the ingredients and the care that went in to mindfully producing them. When food is produced with love and good intentions, it nourishes you in a way that surpasses your tummy and warms your heart. Food that is ingrained with positive energy tastes better, is healthier, and makes you feel better than the food that is not. I know this to be true. 

I thought about this today as I ate my regular meal at Pono Farms, in Bend. The energy of the people preparing and serving it only complement the already amazing ingredients and recipes. I feel good when I eat there. On very rare occasions, I don't feel quite as good after eating there, and I realize it's probably because the cook was in a grumpy mood or the manager/chef was not there that day – not because the ingredients have changed.

So all of this has me thinking about the hidden, yet very real, element of energy that we infuse in to what we do – whether it be creating a photograph for someone, having a conversation with them, or preparing them a meal. We can do it with love and good intentions, leaving them with an infusion of intangible satisfaction; or we can do it mindlessly – leaving them with nothing more than, well, stuff. Fast food. Maybe even indigestion. 

I'm taking a bit more time to think about the kind of energy I'm feeding my body, surrounding myself with, and also putting out there to the world. Thoughts?





New Lightroom presets: PrimaPortra for portraiture

OK, I'll be honest. I've been hording some of my favorite Lightroom presets for myself. Granted, I've been working on this new set of presets, specifically for portraiture, and fine tuning them for some time. I've finally pulled them together in to a new preset package to share with you all, via the PrimaPortra Lightroom presets package. 

I use these on most of my portrait work. They are fantastic with high school seniors, fashion, children, weddings, boudoir, and I even use them for business headshots. They do marvelous things to skin and give images a fresh POP, without being over-the-top and obvious. 

Available now via instant download on our store. They are a smokin' deal at only $29!

Below is a small sampling of the 20 included presets. There are 17 color effects and 3 B&W. You can view before and after samples of them all at the store site. 

The Warming Hut preset

The Warming Hut preset

KevaLuscious preset

KevaLuscious preset

Pure Caffeine preset

Pure Caffeine preset

LunaGrip speedlight tool now shipping!

Your lighting bag just got a bit lighter! Thank you to everyone who placed a pre-order for the Westcott LunaGrip and have waited patiently for them to ship. I am excited to announce that we are officially shipping products and our first production run is going fast! 

The LunaGrip turns your speedlight and pop-up diffuser in to an easy to hold, light weight, beautiful soft light source. You can get the LunaGrip solo to use with your own diffuser, or as a kit that includes a Westcott 5-in-1 diffuser/reflector. 

Details, FAQs, and purchase information is here:

We've posted some videos to show the easy assembly as well as a couple of use scenarios. We'll be posted more videos to show the amazing versatility of the product in a wide variety of situations. 


1) Assembly, setup tips, disassembly.

2) Outdoor use solo mixed with natural light

3) Outdoor use and using a second LunaGrip as a reflector

Westcott Top Pro photographer Kevin Kubota shows how to assemble the LunaGrip speedlite handle for photographers in this instructional video. The LunaGrip was designed by Kevin and allows photographers to pair their speedlight with their favorite diffusion disc for a easy-to-use modifier with beautiful light output.

Westcott Top Pro photographer Kevin Kubota uses the NEW Lunagrip speedlite modifier with high speed sync and natural lighting to capture beautiful senior portraits outdoors. Here, Kevin discusses a bunch of quick tips to help photographers capture professional outdoor images for their clients for ease.

Westcott Top Pro photographer Kevin Kubota uses two NEW LunaGrip speedlite modifiers to capture beautiful senior portraits outdoors. Here, Kevin discusses how he uses shadows and highlights to sculpt his portrait. He uses the LunaGrips to create a beautiful clamshell lighting.