Photographers, there are some things you should just never do...

Photographers, there are some things you should just never do...
Never try to sell a client a product you don't have a sample of
Never delay calling a client when you have bad news
Never deliver images that aren't beautifully edited and finished
Never use flash-on-camera if there are other options
Never believe you can learn a professional skill without hands-on training from a professional!
The last point is the most important. There is absolutely nothing like hands on training. It is the most productive path to learning a professional skill. This workshop offers just that; guidance from someone who's been there — plenty of opportunities for you to practice shooting, workflow, selling skills, and get immediate feedback.
WORKSHOP: GROW Photo Workshops - Startup & Grow
DATE: April 17th - 22nd, 2016
LOCATION: Bend, Oregon
ATTENDEES: Limited to 10
COST: $3,600 / $1,000 deposit reserves your spot!
GROW Photo Workshops are new, highly focused photography education programs from Kevin Kubota, the originator of the Digital Photography Bootcamp® that has been running successfully for 23 seasons. The new workshops are uniquely designed to help you transition from passion to profit, with tools for quickly growing every aspect of your new photography business. Whether you are a hobbyist photographer looking to turn professional, or have already started your business, but unsure of how to effectively grow it, we will help.

These workshops are geared toward portrait and event photographers, but any photographer looking to turn their passion into a viable business, as quick as possible, will benefit.

Spring 2016 is time for the Startup & Grow photography workshop. Here you'll learn the key and essential steps to getting your business going right. Our workshops are commonly called, "transformative" because they are powerful beyond the myriad technical and camera skills you'll learn. You’ll learn who you are as a photographer and how to position, brand, and market yourself to the perfect clientele. You'll learn where to spend your time, and what can be a waste of it. You'll also connect with mentors and new friends that will become your life-long support team — something impossible to put a value on. View some of the thoughts from past Bootcamp attendees on a recent Facebook post.
In the Startup & Grow photo workshop, we'll cover:
IDENTITY: Discover who you are as a photographer and what markets will best serve you
BRANDING: Branding yourself to draw the perfect clients
POSING: Essential natural-posing skills for portrait and event photographers
LIGHTING: Studio and outdoor lighting techniques that are simple, yet absolutely powerful and essential to know
WORKFLOW: Workflow essentials to make sure you spend less time in front of the computer and deliver quality work to every client
PRICING: Pricing and packaging strategies to help clients up-sell themselves
SELLING: Sales techniques that don’t make you feel pushy. Sell with passion
ONE-ON-ONE: Each attendee will get dedicated one-on-one time to focus on areas you need most attention
The workshop is strictly limited to just 10 attendees to ensure individual needs are met and all your questions are answered. We will spend time in our beautiful private classroom, as well as outdoors, and on-location photographing. The workshop is hosted at the amazing FivePine Lodge, a AAA 4-diamond resort, that is quiet, luxurious, and the perfect environment for immersion in your craft.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We look forward to developing a life-long friendship with you.
WORKSHOP: GROW Photo Workshops - Startup & Grow
DATE: April 17th - 22nd, 2016
LOCATION: Bend, Oregon
ATTENDEES: Limited to 10
COST: $3,600 / $1,000 deposit reserves your spot!

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