I got asked a REALLY crazy question...

Start your photo business over in 30 days

Hey friends,

Have you ever wondered if you could do it all over again, would you do it the same way? I mean, if you were to start your photo business from scratch, RIGHT NOW - what would you do to be successful? Maybe you’re in that situation now.

Sarah Petty asked me this question:

“If you had to start your business all over again, in a new city, with no website or social media followers, and make money in 30 days, what would you do?”

By golly, Watson, that’s an awesome question! Don’t you think?

It really got me thinking…and busy writing up a 30-day plan of attack. It was an amazing exercise and it seriously made me think about all the things I’ve done right over the years, and all the things I could have done differently. Fortunately, we learn from everything we do!

So I jumped on a video chat with Erin and spilled my beans for 30 minutes, so to speak.

AND, I wasn’t the only one to bare my soul, there were 24 other successful photographers also sharing their plans for a 30-day photo business jumpstart. What a gold mine.

I’m sharing my video HERE (for free) starting January 8th. Go watch it (and all the others)! ☺

Come with us to Cuba and use your photography skills to give back!

Workshops With Purpose Cuba 2019
If you’re like many photographers, you've dreamed of going to Cuba. The culture, colors, timelessness, and beautiful people seem to be a magnet for visual storytellers. Wouldn't it be great to explore Cuba, while also using your photography skills to benefit a local non-profit? We invite you to join Workshops With Purpose this coming April as we team up with Forward Edge International to donate our services, and experience the beauty that is Cuba.

April 6th-16th, 2019

$3,250 (5 days) | $4,200 (8 days) | $4,750 (11 days)
This INCLUDES round trip airfare from Miami, visas, and all in-country expenses.

8 max + instructor leaders

December 31st, 2018

Workshops With Purpose is a special workshop series by Kevin Kubota and Benjamin Edwards. It was created to equip media professionals with opportunities to grow their craft while serving in a global environment, immersing themselves in other cultures and realizing the power of relationships and storytelling in their business and personal life.

WWP leads on-site workshops around the world where photographers learn, experience, and use their gifts to benefit charitable organizations. Our mission is to change the world via compassionate travel and creative service.

Our visa application deadline is December 31, so contact us asap if you’re interested! Space is strictly limited to eight attendees. We look forward to sharing this bucket list adventure with you.

More Info

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