One of those talks that gives you chills

A friend recommended this to me and I added it to my list of things to watch...someday. But, this morning I decided I would start the day with something interesting, maybe inspirational, and made a little time for this video. WOW. 

This is one of my favorite talks I've ever seen and I'm so glad I took the time to hear it this morning. What does it make you feel? Think? 

The importance of projects, deadlines, and pants

My buddy, Benjamin Edwards, and I love to work on projects together. We collaborate well, and always come up with something better than either of us could have concocted alone. We both love motorcycle riding too, so when the chance came up to create a video to win beautiful moto jackets from Pagnol, we took that as a creative challenge. 

We had a week before the deadline, and only 1 morning where both of us could schedule the shoot. It would have to be edited and delivered by the following day. It was also December, and light snow fell on and off. 

We could have easily brushed it off as too short a deadline, and certainly having a little more time would have given us a chance to bump it up a notch. However, this is not the way to get things done! We seem to work well under pressure and having a deadline, even if it's self-imposed (but taken seriously) is critical to making things happen. 

I've been wanting to build my cinema skills, and this was an opportunity to practice. We used a combination of Nikon D750 and GoPro cameras. We learned a lot, and realized that shot planning is critical when you have only minutes before hypothermia sets in ;-)