DASHBOARD for Photoshop update is 3-in-1 and free.

We've been working really hard on our latest version of the Dashboard 4 Pro for Photoshop® and now it's even better! We've now combined our Action Dashboard, Borders and Textures Dashboard, and AutoAlbum Dashboard in to one slick panel where you can tab quickly between the different tool sets. It's more compact and easier to use. But wait, there's more...

The Dashboard 4 Pro is a free Photoshop plugin that allows you to quickly search through all of your actions and launch them instantly. It also gives your own actions super powers, like one-click undo and paintability! The free Dashboard includes a collection of our groovy image enhancing and time saving actions. You can demo any of our other award-winning actions, or our borders and textures, immediately and purchase if you want to. There is no catch. You can continue to use the Dashboard and the essential tools for free, forever. It would be silly not to try it, so download it now!

This is the original, and most powerful Photoshop Action and Effect manager availablash

The Dashboard now combines all tool palettes in to one.

We've added some other cool features too:

  • Super Search! Normally, when you search, you can limit your searches to a certain category by using the category drop down menu. With Super Search, just type the * character at the end of your search and it will search everything, everywhere!
  • Home button – one click to return to your All Actions category
  • Customizing! – Our actions were made to be flexible and customizable. All layers are kept in tact for your tweaking pleasure. Now, if you have a favorite way of modifying our actions, you can save our action with your modifications to the actions palette as a new action. Since the Dashboard reads all actions in the actions palette, your custom creations are also available via the Dashboard too!
  • Batch Processing – Using the customizing feature, you can now batch process with any effect. Just export it to your actions palette and use the standard Photoshop batch processing tools!
  • Better organized categories – general use categories are at the top, followed by a category for each of our action sets. 
  • Mini previews – our effects include miniature sample previews so you have a visual idea of what each action does!
  • New graphics and sizing options make the Dashboard a welcome addition to your Photoshop workspace.

This update is free to all our existing users and new users can also get the Dashboard 4 Pro free to control their actions or use our essential tools set. We currently have the default and carbon fiber skin designs available, but will soon have many more! What could be better than that? OK, fine, chocolate covered bananas are pretty good too.

Watch the video at the end for an overview of how powerful the Dashboard is and how it is used.

The new DASHBOARD comes in the default skin and my personal favorite, carbon fiber. You can install either one. More fun skin designs on the way!

Click to play video

The DASHBOARD 3-in-1 update adds features, simplifies

Later today we'll be releasing a big update to our popular Photoshop plugin, the Action Dashboard. We've combined the Action Dashboard, Borders & Textures (BorTex) Dashboard, and the AutoAlbum Dashboard in to one panel. Searching through your actions, or ours, is simpler and faster. You can batch process and customize any of our effects too. A detailed overview will be posted soon! 

Before you upgrade Photoshop, please read!

Adobe released an update to Photoshop CS6 a few days ago that is NOT compatible with our plugin. We are working closely with Adobe on a solution, and will let you know as soon as a fix is implemented. Until then, if you depend on your DASHBOARD for your daily work, like we do, pleaseDO NOT UPDATE YOUR PHOTOSHOP until further notice. 

Photoshop versions from CS5 up to, and including, CS6 13.0.1 work great with our DASHBOARD. In fact, our recently released DASHBOARD plugin update squashes some other random bugs and is working great. The latest Photoshop updates, CS6 13.0.2 and 13.1, will crash when any version of the Action DASHBOARD 4 Pro is used. 

If you have already inadvertently updated Photoshop to the latest version, then please un-install your DASHBOARD prior to launching Photoshop. You can easily do this using the Adobe Extension Manager CS6. Simply open the program, select the DASHBOARD extension, and click 'Remove.'

As soon as a fix for this bug is found, you can easily re-install the plugin and all your DASHBOARD Actions will still be there. We will provide simple re-installation instructions when we notify you of the fix.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but unfortunately we don't have much control over Adobe's updates. We just have to do our best to keep working with them on solutions.

If you haven't updated Photoshop yet, rest assured your DASHBOARD is rockin' and is still the best, most efficient, way to power through your image editing!

Kevin Kubota