Welcome! This is the blog from Kevin Kubota (me) and Kubota Image Tools (our company). Our mission is to empower photographers, share knowledge, and find ways to make the world a better place. Thanks for joining in!

Travel to Bolivia with Kevin Kubota

Join Kevin, Benjamin Edwards, and Andrew and Marianne Nicodem on their second Workshops with Purpose trip—this time to Bolivia!  The trip will take place on October 9-17, 2014, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and the surrounding villages. The goal of Workshops with Purpose is to equip media professionals by providing opportunities to advance their craft in a global environment, immersing themselves in other cultures, and realizing the power of relationships and storytelling—while giving back.  The focus of this trip will be to support the efforts of the “Little Ones” project, which is devoted to helping mothers care for their children and provide the nutrition they need. You can view their amazing work in this video here.  

During the workshop the latest in workflow, editing, and off-camera lighting techniques will be covered; along with the logistics of working with a non-profit, and troubleshooting while working on location. Discussions will also include using your unique talents to inspire and give back; all while working alongside Kevin, Benjamin, Andrew and Marianne!

There are only 12 spots available to attend this workshop and they will fill up quickly. Be sure to fill out an application if you are interested in making a difference, and participating in this life-changing journey. 

NEW kumu Studio Management Software

We are so excited to announce the launch of a new, easy, and affordable photography studio management software—kumu STUDIO. Our goal was to create a fun and intuitive studio management system that provides you with the tools you need to run an organized and profitable photography studio business. kumu STUDIO is powerful, without overwhelming you with complex features. Kumu means teacher in Hawaiian and Kevin designed the software to be easy to use and help you along the way. Many of you saw Kevin demo the software on CreativeLive and the response has been overwhelming. The software fits perfectly with Kevin's workflow and he has been using a similar version in his own studio for years. 

Features of kumu:

  • Manages and links your contacts, jobs, products, and invoices all in one location.

  • Pricing calculator to determine your cost of goods, retail pricing, and profitability.

  • Includes a post-production workflow checklist to keep you on task and on time.

  • Integrates with your image catalogs (e.g. Lightroom or Aperture) for beginning-to-end job tracking.

  • Sales and tax reports to let you know how you're doing.

  • Intuitive and actually kind of fun to use.

  • Currently works on both Mac and PC. (iPad coming soon.)

  • Customer support available from really nice people via email or phone.

  • And too many more to list

Ready to try kumu for free? You can get a 15 day trial by downloading it here. Love it? You can purchase and register it at any time for only $159* (reg. $199). There are no monthly fees or costly subscriptions. For more information visit our website here

*Introductory pricing for a limited time. 


Follow Kevin Kubota Around the World

Grab your passport and check out these events Kevin will be teaching at:

Fovitech, August 8th 2014, Lima Peru Fovitech is a convention where photography, video, and technology for HDSLR meet. The best photographers and HDSLR filmmakers will come to Lima to share their work experiences, techniques, and workflow through small group workshops.

PhotoImage Brasil, August 26th 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil. PhotoImage Brasil is the largest photo and imaging fair in Latin America; involving technology and business innovations, major launches, and market trends. It provides a great meeting place for business networking with professionals and big brands in the industry.

Kubota Secret Italy Workshop TBA 2015 Italy. This will be our seventh Secret Italy Workshop and we are just as excited as ever! Our days will be structured around site seeing and photographing. Kevin will be giving daily instructions, reviews, and photo assignments to help inspire you and challenge you to shoot differently than you do at home. Kevin will also be holding one to two hour workflow/Photoshop class on most days.

South African Photo Safari March 22-30, 2015. This is an environment sure to rejuvenate your photographic creativity: the South African Safari. This wild excursion will evoke your excitement about photography by stimulating your senses in every way with the sounds and textures of the safari, the smell and taste of traditional African meals, and by viewing these remarkable animals in their natural habitat. You couldn't ask for a more exhilarating event for your photography career.

Digital Photography Bootcamp TBA 2015 Sisters, OR. Bootcamp is the most comprehensive digital studio training available! It is for seasoned pro photographers looking to perfect their systems and new photographers looking for a complete set of studio tools and techniques for success. If you are just making the transition to digital or need to move your existing digital system efficiently into full-swing, the Digital Photography Bootcamp will prove to be one of the best investments you can make for your photography career! Bootcamp is designed to take you from start to finish and include everything in-between. In addition to having an action-packed schedule, we will include ample time to answer all of your burning questions. This workshop is loaded with all the techno, creative, artistic fun you can imagine!

Feel free to contact us about any of the upcoming workshops at info@kubotaimagetools.com or call us at 877.330.1468.